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Tutorial menu

  • 1 interview
  • 1 step by step animation (screen shot animation)
  • 1 subtitle


This simple menu combines an explanatory interview with the recording of the manipulations of your product.

Mainly intended for software products whose implementation takes place on screen, the recording of the manipulations is reassembled and enriched with explanatory titrations. The interview can be used separately or mixed with the manipulations.

Finally, a subtitle brings a reading in the original language or in another language.

Very flexible and fast, this composition can be adapted to a physical product and the recording of the different steps is then filmed.



  • Are you launching a service platform? A new software or a new product on the market?

    This menu will guide your audience step by step on how to use your solution. Whether your audience is internal or external, bring them a support and relieve your after-sales service.

    Find more information and possibilities in our solutions and options.

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