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Promotional menu: 

  • 1 teaser
  • 1 promotional video
  • 5 animated GIFs


With an optimized production to make the teaser and the promotional video in a complementary way, this menu quickly responds to a need for punctual communication.

True starter of your marketing campaign, the teaser is a very short video most often destined to become viral. This is a first phase that you can feed by regularly broadcasting GIFs on your different networks. These GIFs take extracts from the filming and are enhanced with titles or a video skins. In addition to the teaser, the promotional video takes a more explicit form while remaining attractive and highlights your offer.

This composition corresponds to different needs, whether for internal or external communication.



  • Here is the basic kit that will support a product launch or a new service in the market. Choose the tempo to upload on your various communication channels or consult us to support you in this commercial development.

    Find more information and possibilities in our solutions and options.

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