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Live event menu : 

  • 1 teaser
  • 1 Live Streaming Event
  • 1 best-of (editing) on VOD


This complete composition brings you the highlight of an upcoming event as well as the optimization of the means implemented.

Based on an impact logic on your audience the teaser is a very short video intended to challenge and especially to make you want to see the continuation. The highlight of your event is that our cameras will pick up at its best angle.

With a live broadcast on the internet, on social networks or on your intranet you will be able to communicate all over the world.

Swifties supports you in the realization as well as the setting up of your event and will be able to enrich it with generics, jingles, subjects and other video contents.

The editing of the best moments in the following days will be provided.

This best-of a few minutes duration will allow you to extend the link with your online community.



  • This menu can be adapted to any type of event, whether it be a seminar, a convention or an extraordinary event.

    Prepare the ground upstream by broadcasting a teaser on your intranet or on social networks and invite the widest audience to attend the live. You can then share the best-of and continue to capitalize on your communication operation.

    Find more information and possibilities in our solutions and options.

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