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Definition of 'swift' : [adj.] fast and rapid - happening or moving quickly or within a short time, especially in a smooth and easy way.
[noun] A swift is also a small bird with curved, pointed wings that can fly very fast!  - source:

About us

At Swifties we’re passionate about offering swift solutions that allow you to build effective videos and impactful communications for your business, whatever your market industry and wherever your location. With our 'swifters', you'll benefit from our global experience, professional efficiency combined with a startup agility. This is what makes us crisp, sharp and ... swift!
Fabrice Cabaud
Founder / video director

Our proposition

Our proposition consists in providing your an end to end support in your digital communications. We have set a collection of solutions, options or composition packages that you can pick up as you wish according to your business specific needs:

A particular project in mind, or simply need further info, let's talk about it, we'll be happy to provide you with the key ingredients of a cocktail blast.

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